Char Siu Smiling Fatt Kou ( Smiling Bao)

 Today I decided to try to make Dim Sim Bao using the Fatt Kou recipe as they are more or less the same. This time I am omit the ammonia bi- carbonate and substitute it with just baking powder as I learned that ammonia bi carbonate is not easily  available.

Make about 7 Fatt Kous Bao

Starter dough (A):
· 120g Pau flour/Hong Kong flour/super fine flour
· 2 tsp instant yeast
· 1 tsp double action baking powder
· 1 table spoon castor sugar
· 1 tbsp shortening
·  4 tbsp or 60ml water

 Main dough (B):
·  130g Pau flour/Hong Kong flour/cake flour
·  2 tsp double action baking powder
·  3 tablespoon water (45ml)
·  80g sugar (may be omitted)
·  1/2 tsp baking power

1. Mix ingredients (A) well and leave aside to ferment for five hours. This is the starter dough
2. Sieve the flour and double action baking powder (B) into a large mixing bowl. Add in sugar and baking powder. Mix in the starter dough and water. Knead well to form a soft  and smooth dough.
3.  Divide dough into 7 portions, depending on how big a Bao you want.
4. Flatten one portion and put 1 tsp of Char Siew Filling. Continue to fill up the other portions.
5. Place filled Pau/Bao on top of a piece of parchment paper, put it onto a steamer and cover with a damp cloth.
6. Leave aside for 15-20minutes to rise
7.Steam for 15-25 minutes over high heat.

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