Hakka moonlight mooncake月光饼

Mid Autumn festival is here again. Most of the Moon cake on sale in the supermarket are mostly hard baked or chilled snow skin moon cake. There is a different type of moon cake called Hakka moonlight mooncake 月光饼 which are not well known and only the Hakka people enjoy. Today I make this special moon light moon cake. I used only 1/3 of the recipe and I substitute the shortening to Butter for better fragrance and taste.
300g koh Fun  (commercialised  cooked glutinous rice flour)
140g icing sugar (sifted),
90g Shortening,
60ml boiled water

Fillings (optional as desire)
65gm crystal winter melon candied
55gm castor sugar
70gm Koh Fun (commercialised  cooked glutinous rice flour)
18gm margarine
15gm sesame seeds
12gm desiccated coconut
120 boiled water
Put all ingredients into a big bowl, mix till well combined.

1) Mix together Koh fun, icing sugar and shortening
2. Add water slowing and combined into a dough ball.
2) Press the dough into a mould and knock it out.
3) Dry naturally in a well ventilated place, (at least two days).

Tips: If  the dough is too dry, add a little water and mix well,
Take a small portion of dough in the palms to see if it can form into a ball

For more detail information please visit my website Shoonyin Recipes

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