Deep fry food technique

Many people ask me why is it that the food that they deep fry is so much oily than the ones that I make. I always told them the most common mistake most people make is to soak the food in the oil for too long and at the wrong temperature.

Unless you are using a electric deep fryer, it is quite difficult to maintain a constant oil temperature for deep frying. Many of us would be using just a wok or pan for deep frying at home. If you are one of these, just like me using a wok there are a few pointers or technique you must be aware of.

Maintain a constant temperature is crucial

1. Always heat up your oil to the required temperature before putting in your food or ingredients for frying. This is usually done by tearing a tiny piece of the dough or skin and drop into the oil and if it bubbles and float to the surface, the oil is ready for frying. This is to avoid soaking the food in the oil for too long.

2. When the oil gets too hot, many people make this MISTAKE of just reduce the  heat or lower the fire while leaving the food still soak in the oil.  This is wrong. The correct way is before reducing the heat, first scoop or take out the food from the oil, then reduce fire and wait for a minute or half for the oil temperate to drop before putting back the food back into the oil. Otherwise, the oil will soak into the food or ingredients and you will get a very oily result. No matter how hard you try to soak or drain out with tissue towel latter, it would not come out!

Prepare or wrapping your food for frying

3. Again, this is important, always try to wrap the food tightly or densely for frying. For example, Chinese spring rolls filled with meats are easier to deep fry than those filled with just veggie. This is because spring rolls filled with meat are very dense whereas those filled veggie are very loose with plenty of air pockets and space for the oil to sip inside. Extra care must be taken for frying these veggie rolls and to avoid soaking them in the oil for too long.

4. Certain food like Woo Kok or yam puff may require you to duck them  in the hot oil several times to avoid soaking them in the oil. For crispy fried chicken, there must be enough oil to cover the whole chicken and most important the oil must be boiling hot in order to get a crispy skin.

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