Glutinous rice gelatinised bread

It was quite sometime back since I baked bread. I had been busy lately. Today I baked a bread using glutinous rice flour method to enhance the fermentation process in order to create a soft and delicious taste. This method was made famous by the Korean Drama series  King of Baking. It mentioned a secret Bong's bread using rice flour to assist in the fermentation. 
This time I baked this bread plain without any fillings. The texture of this bread is simply delicious. If you have time, do try this!

Ingredients for Glutinous Flour Gelatinized:
2 2/3 tbsp glutinous rice flour 糯米粉
4 tbsp water
1/2 cup bread flour

Method :
(1) combine glutinous rice flour and water, mix well.
(2) heat the mixture over low heat until thicken, off the heat immediately once the mixture started to thicken and keep stirring until it turns gluey.
(3) Stir in  Bread flour gradually and mix to form a dough.
(4) then leave to cool before adding into the main ingredients.

Ingredients of Main Dough :
1 eggs, beaten
1/3 cup water
1 1/3 tsp honey

2 tsp yeast
3 1/3 tbsp sugar
1/3 tsp salt
2 2/3 tbsp milk powder
1 2/3 cup bread flour

27gm cold butter, cubed
2 tsp corn oil

Method :
1.  Combine ingredients (A) & tear gelatinised dough into pieces into ingredients (B), mix to form a soft dough.
2.  Then add in ingredients (C) and knead till the side of mixing bowl is clean.
3.  Leave the dough to rest for 2 hour or until double in size.
4.  Transfer to a clean floured surface. Punch down to knead out the air. Dough may be sticky. Dust on extra flour if needed and divide the dough into three equal portions . Knead into oval shapes. Cover with cling wrap, let rest for 15 minutes.
4. Roll out each portion of the dough with a rolling pin into an oval shape.  Roll from the upper, shorter end down to the bottom . Flatten the dough with your rolling pin. Then roll once again Swiss roll-style . The seals face down.
5. Arrange the rolled-up dough in a greased or non-stick 5 x 9" loaf tin with butter coating.
6.  Again let to rest for another 1½ hour or until double it's size.or until the dough rises up to 3/4 of the height of the tin inside.
7.  Bake at preheated oven 175-180'C for about 20 mins or until golden brown.
8..Leave to cool complete before serving.

For more detail recipe please see my website Glutinous Rice Gelatinized bread

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