Nine layers rice kueh

This is another one of the kueh that the white Aussie like. Every time I make for our church fund raising activities, most of my customers buying are the white Aussies. This is quite a easy kueh to make, normally it should consists of nine layers hence the name.(九层糕)


1 coconut
18oz water
7 oz rice flour
9oz sugar
1 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla essence
3 pandan leaves

1. Mix the coconut and squeeze out the milk. Divide into 2 equal quantities.

2. Mix flour with one portion of the milk and put aside.

3. Cook the other portion of milk with the sugar, salt vanilla essence and pandan leaves. After it is boiled, pour it over the milk and flour mixture. Divide into 2 equal quantities.

4. Add red coloring to one portion and leave the other portion uncolored.

5. Pour a little of the red colour batter onto a tray and steam. Then pour a layer of uncolored batter onto the tray and steam. Continue to steam one layer at a time until all the batter has been completely used up.

6. Cool before cutting into the desired shapes.

For more info please visit website Nine Layers Rice Kueh

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