Kueh Sepit Sarawak

I am re- posting this recipe for my friend Margaret. She says she lose her original recipe. Sarawak kueh sepit is very different from the west Malaysian kueh sepit or also known as love letters. The Sarawak kueh sepit uses the pure santan or coconut milk which gives it a more lemak favour and taste. Once you have tasted or eaten this home made kueh sepit, you will never buy the commercial ones again.

1/2 kg wheat flour
3 cup coconut milk (Santan)
1/2 kg granulated sugar
3 egg
A little oil

Method :
1. Beat the egg till light and fluffy
2. Add a little coconut milk, sugar and flour a little at a time .Make sure blend not too thick or liquid.
3. Rub oil over cookie mould clamp over medium heat. Do this once only at the beginning.
4. Pre-Heat the mold to the operating temperature before putting in the mixture to prevent
the mixture from sticking to the mold
5. Put 1-2 spoonful of mixture onto the mold and continue to heat over a slow fire.
When the kuih sepit has a crisp brown skin, turn over clamp onto the outer side.
This takes only about 1- 1/2 minutes.
6. Turn down fire and scrape skin off mould. Open mould and roll or fold immediately.
Lets it cold before being kept.

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