Achar Sarawak

Again I am reposting this recipe for Margaret. Sarawak Achar is very unique and very different from West Malaysian so call Achar. Sarawak Achar is kind of sour sweet taste and the main ingredients is cucumber.


( *1kati about 600 gms)
10 kati cucumber
½ kati (308gms) peanuts (dry fried and pounded roughly)
½ kati (308 gms) garlic (sliced/fried/dry)

2 kati sugar

1 yellow ginger (pound/fried
10 Chilli/sliced
a piece blechan (pound/fried)
4tah (154gms) dried prawns (pound/fried)
1cabbage- 2 kati ( optional if desire)
2bottle vinegar
ginger (sliced/fried)

Boil vinegar and sugar over low fire until a bit sticky
(about 50 minutes)
Off fire . Put in cabbage (optional, if used) when vinegar cooked.
The rest of the ingredients only when vinegar is cooled.

*cabbage (optional if used, I omit this)- wash, wipe dry and tear in big pieces
cucumber – slice,marinate with salt for a while,
squeeze out water, dry for a while under the sun

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