My baking oven

This is my good old oven( Butterfly Band )which I use to bake all my bread and cakes in Miri. This oven is so old that the temperature gauge is no longer working and only I know how to adjust the fire to get the correct temperature. I am sure many people have not seen such an oven less know how to use it.
I remember when I first got married, we even use a empty Roti tin (Big cream cracker tin) , turn it upside down and bake my first beehive cake! We were quite poor then and it does not matter whether the beehive cake got burn or not..cos beehive cakes were black. LOL.
I am still looking for one small oven like the ones made in Indonesia for making kek lapis..have to ask my friend where to buy...


  1. hi.
    i live in skudai and saw this oven in one store. i didn't know how can i use it? can i use it for cake and cookies. would u pls help me if u have experience about it? what is the difference between this one and electrical one?

    1. Skudai in Johor? Yes you can bake cakes or cookies with this oven..only thing you have to experiment with the temperature...It is very economical ..Just place the oven over a gas stove and you are done..
      I made kueh mangkit and many cakes and bread using this oven.This oven is very popular in the Kampong where is no electricity.