Caramel Kaya

I saw this recipes in an old microwave cook book and decided to try it out. I used only half the recipe. It did not turn out well and so I don't bother to take picture. I think I over cooked the sugar. I should have reduced half or less the cooking time as I only used half the recipe. I reduced the sugar too much as well and it did not turn out sweet. Kaya should be sweet and not to worry about health because we used it only as a spread. and we eat only a bit each time . In the end, it went to the bin LOL.
On the whole I think this is a good way to make caramel preparation for other recipes.

Caramel preparation (orginal recipe )
60 gm sugar
2½ tbsp water
2 drops of lime juice.
Combine in a 16cm casserole and cook microwave oven on power High for 4½ - 5 minutes ( without cover) to make caramel

Kaya ingredients
50gm sugar
120ml coconut milk
4 eggs
1 tbsp margarine

1. Combine sugar, coconut and egg. sieve through strainer
2. Combine caramel and egg mixture in 19cm casserole
3. Cook on Power Microwave oven Medium for 3½ minutes (without cover) . In between take out and stir every minute.
4. Then cook on Power Medium for 2 minutes (without cover). In between take out and stir every 20 seconds
5. When done , stir in margarine. Serve on Bread

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