Flipping Roti Canai secrets revealed.

After watching Dr Leslie Tay video on how flip a Roti Canai  and some practice myself for 3 days, I finally managed to flip a decent Roti Canai. LOL. The technique is actually quite simple if you have a few pointers shown to you.

1.You lift the dough with your right hand and pull with your left hand.
2. After each flip, take another section or corner of the dough and repeat the same process.

Initially I thought that just the flipping will stretch the dough and got it all wrong. After watch the video again and again, then I realized we need to pull as well while flipping.

Stretching bed sheet method.
The 2nd method of stretching is even more simple. It is very similar to laying a bed sheet. You take one corner of the bed sheet and pull and stretch to straighten it out. (at the same time  you trap some air underneath.) Then you repeat it with another corner. For housewives, I think this is not a problem but for men you may like to try practise laying your bed sheets first. LOL.

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