Crushed peanuts Rice dumplings ( Zhang)

If you are from Miri, Sarawak, I am sure you have eaten crushed or grinded peanuts rice dumpling ( Zhang). I think Miri is the only place in this world that sells this type of dumplings. Today I made some zhangs with crushed peanuts. I used roasted peanuts from the supermarkets to save time and crushed them in a blender. Then re-fry them for a while in a pan and add some dark soya sauce.
Making the rice dumplings I cheated and used the short cut method, cos gas is expensive here and we cannot afford to boil for 3 hours! The Zhang turned out just as good!

500gm glutinous rice (soak 2 hours and drain dry)
150ml cooking oil or lard ( about 10 tbsp)
½ tablespoon salt

250 ml of water- water just barely enough or less to cover the surface of rice

Fillings: roasted peanuts . crushed and grinded and add some dark soya sauce

1. Sock the rice for at least 2 hours. Drain dry.
2. Fry the drain rice in a pan with some oil for about 10 mins.
3. Put the rice in a cooking pan and add water to just barely enough or less cover the surface of the rice, Too much water will make the rice soggy.
3. Steam the rice for about 10-12 mins (half cooked)
4. Transfer rice to a basin/cake tin and fluff the rice with a fork . Add in salt while still hot and mix with 10 tablespoons of lard or oil.. Mix well.
5. Leave aside to cool before assemble

To assemble the cake:
Scald or immersed the bamboo leaves in boiling water to soften them.
For each cake, take one or two leaves and roll into a triangular shape. Put in the compacted steamed rice and fill the center with 2 spoon of fillings as desired. Fold over leaves and use strings ( e.g. from banana tree) to bind together.
Put the assembled cake into a pot and boil for another 20-30 minutes.

For more info please also visit my website Chinese rice dumping


  1. this is soooooo special.
    may I ask, is the original Miri version using pandan leaf or bamboo leaf?

  2. HI Wendy.. The original version is using Bamboo leaves from China..but during the Zhang festival, some locals used Pandan leaves as it is more fragrant though a bit more expensive.

  3. Amazing recipe! How many dumplings can this recipe make? Thanks! I love peanut dumplings but this isn't sold anywhere else except in Miri. :((

    1. This recipe uses only 500gm of rice and can make about 20-25 pieces. The number of dumplings really depends on how big you want the dumplings to be. I used only 1 bamboo leave and is quite small.

  4. Hi Shoonyin, thank you for sharing this recipe. I miss my miri sarawak peanut zongzi so much since i came to perth. I hope i can successfully make for this coming festival.