Pandan Kaya Cake

I remembered I tasted this cake maybe about 6 or 7 years ago, given to me by my good friend Katty Liew on her daughter's Birthday. It was simply delicious. I did not have the recipe at that time and neither had she. She just bought it from someone.
Last few days, I saw the recipe in Aunty Yochana Blog. I was so happy and wanted to try it immediately. This recipe was adapted from Aunty Yochana Blog with slight modifications. This recipe is definitely a keeper.

250 gm. Optima flour * (see below)
4 eggs
3 Tbsp. Pandan juice
a little green pandan paste or green colouring
3 Tbsp. Thick coconut milk
1 1/2 Tbsp. cooking oil

*Optima flour is a cake mix with sugar added. you can substitute with  self raising flour plus 175g sugar or with 250g plain flour and add 2tsp of baking powder.

Pandan Kaya:
900 ml. Coconut milk ( squeeze from 1 1/2 coconuts - add water)
9 Tbsp. Hoen kwee flour / green pea flour
2 Tbsp. Instant Jelly Powder (1 packet-12g)
1/2 tsp. salt
a little green colouring
a little pandan paste
180 gm. sugar

60 gm. Desiccated coconut for covering cake

Method for cake:
(1) Whisk optima flour and eggs till light.
(2) Add Pandan juice and continue to beat till fluffy.
(3) Add green colouring and Pandan paste.
(4) Fold in coconut milk and cooking oil and mix till combined.
(5) Pour into a 9" round cake tin and bake at 175C for about 40 to 45 mins. or till skewer inserted comes out dry.
(6) Slice on wire rack to cool before slicing into 3 or 4 slices , your preference.

Method for pandan Kaya:
(1) Put all the ingredients into a pot and stir till evenly mixed.
(2) Cook over medium heat. Stirring till mixture thickens. (gluey and starchy)
(3) Place a slice of sponge cake into a cake ring, pour in some kaya and continue the same process till the last layer is covered with pandan kaya.
(4) Leave aside to cool and set before chilling in the fridge.
(5) Remove cake from cake ring and cover the whole cake with desiccated coconut.
(6) Slice and serve chilled.
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