Pak Tong Koh

Made some Pak Tong Koh the other day. I forgot to post it. I have tried using many recipes, some work and some don't. This recipe that I used seem to work well. The Pak Tong Koh was not glossy and shinning, need to rub some cooking oil to it. Rubbing some cooking oil also made it taste better.

125ml lukewarm water
1 tbsp sugar
1tsp instant yeast

300g rice flour
250ml water

275g sugar
375ml water
1 pandan leaf knotted.

Dough mixture showing bubbles after 1½ hours

1. For the syrup, bring sugar, water and pandan leaf to a boil to dissolve the sugar. Allow to cool completely.
2. Combine (B) together to form a dough. Remove a piece of dough the size of a fist from the main dough. Put it in a saucepan and add about 125ml water.. Cook over low flame until it turns gluey and starchy; keep stirring as it is being cooked. Leave aside to cool completely, then mix well with the main dough ingredients (B) to form a flour paste. Leave aside to cool completely, then mix well with the main dough to form a flour paste.
3. Put lukewarm water in a bowl; add sugar and sprinkle with instant yeast. leave aside for it to forth, then add this to the flour paste. Blend well and set aside for 1½ hours.
4. Combine sugar syrup with the flour paste and mix well. leave aside to rest for 10-15mins.
5. Pour into a heated 22cm well greased square tray.
6. Steam cake over rapid boiling water over a moderate heat for 15 to 20 minutes.
7. Cut in pieces and rub some cooking oil to give it a glossy appearance and better taste.

Note- Do NOT add oil to the flour mixture. Rub oil to the cake only after steam to give it a glossy appearance.

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  1. Hi. Why do you not add oil to the mix?