Butter Milk Buns- 奶油包

Butter Milk Buns are very popular in Malaysia and Brunei. When I tried to look for it in Perth, I could find any. I guessed this must be another Malaysian creation.

This is my 2nd attempt with the fillings. The first filling recipes which I copied from a US website was totally useless and a failure. This time I used the recipe from a Brunei friend. It was a success.

The Bun dough recipe was from Kuala Terengganu, a specialty over there. The Bun was very soft even after it cooled down. The butter milk was very nice as well. Two of the fillings in my buns burst during baking but that was because I did not cover up the dough well and it leaked out. Rest of the Buns were perfect.
*makes 11pcs of medium size Buns

Gelatinised dough
50g bread flour
35ml hot boiling water
1. Place Bread flour in a mixing bowl.
2. .Add hot boiling water and mix with wooden spoon to form a rough dough..
3. Cover bowl with cling film and leave dough to cool in the fridge for at least 1 hour or up to 48 hours ( I did not put it in the fridge this time, just it straight away after it cooled down)

To prepare Basic sweet bread dough
150g bread flour
50g plain flour
40g sugar
1/2 tbsp instant yeast
1/4tsp salt
88ml cold milk
1 small egg
30g cold butter, cubed

1. Combine flours, sugar, yeast and salt together in a mixing bowl.
2. Tear the gelatinized dough into pieces and add to the bowl along with the eggs
3. Using a stand electric mixer, mix on low speed, adding cold milk gradually.
4. Mix until dough is well combined and leave the sides of bowl.
5. Add in the cold butter cubes and mix on medium speed until dough is smooth. Leave stand to prove for 2 hour or until double in size.
6. Shape dough into a ball, leave to proof for another 30mins.

Butter milk fillings
70g butter
30g icing sugar*
1/8 tsp salt
30g whole egg (about half egg)*
1 tbsp cornflour (can add more)
80g skimmed milk powder

*you can use the other ½ egg for egg wash.

1. Cream butter, sugar and salt until creamy.
2. Add in egg in batches mixing well each time.
3. Put in corn flour and skimmed milk powder, mix well with rubber spatula. Add more corn flour if dough is still too soft or watery depending on your egg size.

I ran out of icing sugar and I did not want to buy a big whole packet. Icing sugar were expensive and I did not need so much. I decided to make my own.
Icing sugar
1/2 cup of fine sugar
1/2 tsp of corn starch
the corn flour is to prevent the sugar to crumble together.

To assemble the Buns
1. Divide and shape bread dough into a small ball weighted 30g each.
2. Spoon 1tsp of butter filling and wrap inside the small dough ball.
3. Place dough ball in a greased 9” round cake tin (removable base).
4. Once completed, set aside to rest for 15mins.
5. Apply egg wash on top of the dough balls.
6. Bake at preheated oven at 180c for 20-25 mins.

More info please see see also my website Roti Paun (Butter milk bun)


  1. Hi Thank you for your post. I've been looking for this recipe for a long time. Haven't eaten it since moving to overseas.

  2. Hi Dear, thank you for this recipe!! i have been reaching for a good buttermilk buns for quite sometimes, and i found you. i have never made bread before, this is my first time, i made this just now. was super delicious and successful. im so glad i use your recipe so easy and no headache and thank you once again!! :)

  3. Hi, I don't have milk powder. Can I replace it with something else?

    1. hi, sorry you must use milk powder