Mang Kwang (Yam bean)

Mang Kwang - ( Yam Bean or Manioc )
Sold under cold storage as Manioc in Oriental shops.

Chinese: Di Gwa Filipino: Sinkamas Japanese: Kuzuimo Malay: Mang Kuang Spanish: Jicama Vietnamese: Cû Dâu

The edible roots of a climbing vine that is otherwise toxic, one of the few leguminous roots that can be eaten. The plant is native to Central America and was probably introduced to south-east Asia via the Philippines. The edible tubers are usually round and 10–15 cm in diameter, with a light brown skin and a white flesh. Can be eaten raw as a salad or cooked in stir-frys etc.
Growing conditions: Frost free—Queensland and northern New South Wales.

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